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Wat is Staalframebouw?

Prefab LGS Steelframe is the steel version of prefab Timberframing. In this building method the wall-, floor- and roof-segments are prefabricated off-site. the different elements are composed outof a steel skeleton, made out of cold-formed LGS ( Light Gauge Steel)profiles. These frames form the basic dimensions of the wall-/floor- and roof-elements. The wall frames mostly have isolation, between the studs, and one or more layers of Gypsumboard on the inside, while a coldbridge isolation wil cover the outside of the element. By incresing the thickness of the coldbridge isolation, it is easy to adjust the isolation capacity of the element. Also electricity pipes and windowframes can be applied during the production process. After transport to the building site, the elements are assembled according to the assembly-plan. The assembled elements function as a construction as well as separations, the frames function as a loadbearing- and a shearforce-construction, throught the cooperation of the sheathting meaterials and the LGS frame. The construction as a total is taken care of through the constructive connections of the separate elements.   

In countries like Canda, the US, Japan, Sweden and Finnland, LGS Steelframing is a well known building method. In the Netherlands - with its concrete and limestone culture- LGS Steelframing is relatively less familiar. Compaired to timberframing the main advantidge is no moist influence, very low own weight combined the high conctructive capacity. Because of these transport and assembling are easy and big spams and cantilivers are posible even building up to six stories without an assisting rediron construction is within reach. Another strong item are the tight tolerances, which are an advantidge during the assembling but these tight tolerances also take care of high performances in using the building and these performances last... last as long as the building is in use. The LGS is commonly hot dipped galvanised, which means that the steelstructure is live long protected against corrosion which garantees a lifte time of 50 years or more.

The advantidges of LGS Staalframing:

  • It is a light weight buildingsystem; light weight during the assembling and as a complete building.
  • A selfcarriing, stable building system with tight tolerances with prefabricated wall- and floor- elements.
  • Lage spams are possible, 8000 mm or more.
  • The uses materials are sustaineble, insensitive for moisture and not inflameble.
  • With LGS all kins of architectural  design are posiible